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Gregory House
11 June 1959
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Name: Gregory House, M.D.
Born: June 11, 1959
Nationality: American
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Doctor, Head of Diagnostic Medicine, with residency in Pathology, Nephrology, and Infectious Disease
Known relatives: Blythe House (Mother), John House (Legal Father, Deceased)
Education: John's Hopkins School of Medicine (expelled for cheating), University of Michigan (Graduated 1987)
Physical appearance: 6'2", slim (with evidence he had led a very active lifestyle before his infarction), graying brown hair, and blue eyes.

Greg House was born on June 11, 1959 to John and Blythe House. Because his father served on active duty in the Marine Corps throughout most of House's early life, he has lived in a variety of countries where his father was stationed, including Egypt and Japan.
House was obviously a bright child; a mixed blessing as his demanding father and loving mother obviously had high hopes for him. However, it appears that his isolation from people his age and his poor relationship with his parents (his father, at the very least) led House to become something of a loner. It is implied that he frequently rebelled against his father and was punished as a result, both physically and emotionally, though the severity of the abuse is never actually stated. He once admitted to a patient that his father made him sleep in the yard or take a bath in ice whenever he misbehaved.
It was during his visit to a Japanese hospital that House met up with a disheveled man who appeared to be a janitor who was, nevertheless, the person with the most medical knowledge in the hospital. He later discovered the man was a buraku, a member of an "untouchable" caste who didn't even attempt to fit in with the rest of the doctors. The incident convinced the House to become a doctor as, despite their distaste for him, all the personnel in the hospital listened to the buraku when they needed to. This would tend to indicate that, although knowledgeable in his youth, was often ignored by those in authority who thought they knew better.
In school, House was a good student, and obtained admission to the Medical School at the University of Michigan, where he became a legend and first came to the attention of a young undergraduate student, Lisa Cuddy. Despite his academic misconduct, House was accepted at Johns Hopkins Medical School, however, he was caught cheating by Philip Weber and was expelled. He received a perfect score on his MCAT examinations.
At this time, House is the head of Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's Department of Diagnostic Medicine. His medical career before he joined PPTH is unclear, but it appears that although his skills as a diagnostician were unparalleled, his disregard for the finer points of medical ethics, his almost non-existent bedside manner, his inability to work well with others, and what appears to be a disregard for routine work made him almost unemployable.
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House will be entering etrelibre_rpg immediately after the kiss with Cuddy in the House episode 5x06 "Joy" in his motorcycle jacket, jeans, and with his cane. His five items waiting for him on the island are his whiteboard, his oversized red and grey tennis ball, his guitar, his Repsol colored Honda CBR1000RR motorbike, and his piano.

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